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Postby Phil79lauder » Thu Apr 19, 2012 12:13 am

Hi all I have had my amazing countryman cooper D just coming up 6 months old now, I am more convinced of the fault, even now I have had the service administrator, and a bmw/mini tec heard the fault,
when listening to taking through the system, the soakers speakers crackles at the high end of the frequency ie, if some one raises there voice or the TS sound when talking, main time its when it its on the blue tooth system on the car phone, but nether the less still happens on radio, usb cd,

They have fitted a new head unit and didn't solve it,
They had it in again tested another mini same thing occurs, to then be told.....

Its a carictoristic of the car.....
My last cart was a 5 year mazda 6 it didn't make noise like this,

I have added this bit in.... If any one is using there blue tooth system with there phone and car when the phone rings listen out for a crackle on the speakers and when they are taking, mini say all if them do it.....? I'm having mine put in as its not good enough, id love some feed back people

I have been told that they well seek advice from mini, but I feel disregarded as such a small fault, but I do a lot of miles and enjoy my music/chatting on hands free, and the fault its there,

Any one out there had this?
Our is this my acute hearing

Kind regards
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