Tyres ??

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Tyres ??

Postby Hulldude » Mon Jul 29, 2013 3:13 pm

Hi guys am wondering if anyone has had this problem ! I purchased my countryman April 12 from uk ! Ran about 25000 miles and had no snags ! Just had service and dealer has noticed the Tyres are unevenly worn and need replacing ! Fair enough however they said that I have overinflated them myself , I have never put air in them and only checked them once this morning prior to service , I am having to pay nearly £400 to get them replaced this week ! I am assuming the Tyres were over inflated from when the car was new so are my dealership responsible for this and wondered if anyone had any problems concerning this ! I know the Tyres get changed due to wear etc etc but they are probably 6000 miles short of their life ! Any suggestions

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