Problems starting and fan running most of the time

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Re: Problems starting and fan running most of the time

Postby PatrickH » Fri Apr 06, 2012 9:50 am

Mine has been back under warranty three times for this issue. Temperature sensor / thermostat replaced 3 times; coils and plugs replaced once - and seems ok now.
Strange that Mini/BMW still claim its an unknown issue given the number who have experienced it.

Last best guess was a faulty batch of temp sensors ...
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Re: Problems starting and fan running most of the time

Postby JPB » Tue Jul 03, 2012 8:04 am

Mine has now been back in for the fourth time. 1st time replaced thermostat housing. 2nd time replaced faulty thermostat housing that was fitted the first time (from the initial rogue batch that was fitted when the car was built). 3rd time they upgraded the software and fiddled around - no good whatsoever. 4th time, fitted new oil pump, thought it was fixed but then found it wasn't. Then found that the connector to the thermostat housing was corroded so replaced that and the thermostat housing. All in all, it would seem to be the thermostat is being knocked out each time by (hopefully) the fault/corrosion in the connector. I'm hoping this is the last time. Interestingly the sales manager leant me his Countryman to show me that the fan running on all the time was normal as his did it. Now that mine is back and fixed it doesn't which would indicate that his has the fault too.
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Re: Problems starting and fan running most of the time

Postby George » Thu Aug 30, 2012 10:53 pm

You've got me worried now! I've just got in from work and the fan on my SD All four ran for ten minutes after parking up. Even turned the engine off an on to see if that did anything. It didn't! Other than that I am loving my Countryman. Chilli pack and Navigation is the business. :mrgreen:
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Re: Problems starting and fan running most of the time

Postby rav » Fri Sep 28, 2012 1:34 pm

I just wanted to share that yesterday I had the same "thought the car was on fire" moment. I was coming up a hilly terrain and the traffic was slow. All of a sudden I smelled something burning and massive amounts of smoke started coming out of the engine compartment. Luckily there was a spot I could pull over. It took more than an hour for the smoke to subside. I did not have any of the warning signs come on! My beautiful 2012 Countryman All4 S is less than 4000km and barely two months old! I am quite shaken actually and had to call the CAA. I was just looking to see if there are any such incidents reported in this forum.

Will be taking the car to the dealer and am hoping it is something simple and they will have some solutions. This will be the second time my car will be in already. I already had concerns about unnatural rattling noise on starting the car. I was told that is "normal" for S (turbo) models. The noise is only on cold startup and goes away after a couple of minutes. I have gotten used to it now but now this -- I am worried.

Devilsstripe wrote:We have a similar problem....

Our beautiful Mini Countryman All 4 Cooper S started having problems this July when there was an issue over starting it. We took it into the dealer and they couldn't find the problem. Then on a long trip the car suddenly seriously overheated, we thought the car was on fire! Warning lights were flashing everywhere. The AA man was concerned that the computer was saying the engine was one temperature whereas his manual temperature check showed the vehicle to be considerably hotter. He couldn't fix it so we were AA relayed home from Lymington. The car went back to the garage where they diagnosed a faulty thermostat. The car was duly returned and within 10 miles of driving the warning lights came on again telling us that the car was overheating and that we must stop at once. There was a smell of burning and the fan was going wild. Back the car went to the dealer. The dealership found it difficult to diagnose the problem and Mini UK were consulted. In the end a new engine management system was put in and the car was returned to us checked and ready to go.

7 miles down the road the same thing happened again!

We returned the car to the Mini Dealership and made the Mini Brand Manager and Dealership Service clearly aware that we were furious. THey were to find the problem and not return the car to us until it had been solved and the car had been thoroughly road tested. Suffice to say they cannot find the problem.

It's my wife's car and she runs her business from it. It involves a lot of driving and we rely on the 4 wheel drive to keep us going throughout the year. You can imagine how her confidence in the car and Mini has taken a blow. Has anybody got any similar experience and how did Mini solve it?
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Re: Problems starting and fan running most of the time

Postby bmwr606 » Thu Oct 04, 2012 6:19 pm

i believe all of the posters are experiencing a probem with the coolant temp sensor

there is an active recall on the coolant temp sensor that replaces and relocates the sensor

it is free, takes about 45 minutes including a car wash

had the recall performed on both my 03/2012 buils cms all4 manual and my dad's 09/2011 build 2012 cms all4 auto

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Clutch replacement? Re: Problems starting

Postby rav » Fri Oct 05, 2012 3:04 pm

My thanks to bmwr606 for the information. Following my smoke incident, I went to the dealer. They say they will need to replace the clutch and that it will not be covered under warranty. So we are talking of $2000+. I must admit to being very surprised that my clutch needs to be changed within three months and with less than 4000km on my 2012 cms all4 manual. I do not commute in stop and go traffic and have not made any rough use of the car. I am used to driving manual and do not ride my clutch. I have tried reasoning that between engine noise and vibration in the new car that started within the first one-two weeks, it could be a manufacturing and or substandard material issue. But they are adamant that if there is clutch wear it is not under warranty. I am very uncomfortable since this is very unusual and I have not had this issue in any of the other cars I have driven. Does anyone have any similar incident. Clutch wear may first manifest in a pungent burning smell.
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Re: Problems starting and fan running most of the time

Postby Kjeg » Mon Dec 24, 2012 4:53 pm

My Countryman has been working just fine, but when I read this thread I suddenly remembered that my cooling fan also have been living on the edge...5-6 times within the last year, when exiting the car, I look over to my neighbours to see if they are doing their lawn or something...only to find out its some sort of fan under the hood going crazy for like 10-15 minutes..
(My neighbours never do their lawn, or anything else for that least, after I got my CM All4 I stopped showeling snow for them in my/theire driveway..)

since the fan-issue only happens from time to time, I havent really thought about it, and I havent experienced any starting problems either.
I do use DEFA-warm-up a lot. It automatically charges the battery.

Its always good to know what the problem is if it occurs.
Thank you bmwr606
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