Problems starting and fan running most of the time

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Problems starting and fan running most of the time

Postby rich031267 » Sat Oct 08, 2011 1:51 pm

Hi, We have had a new countryman for about 2 months, problems started when the cooling fan would run after the car had been locked for well over 15mins, problems then continued when it failed to start and cut out, fan now runs most of the time, car is now back with the dealer but mini cant solve the problem as yet.
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Re: Problems starting and fan running most of the time

Postby osucmb » Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:59 pm

We are having the same problem - fan runs - even on cool days - for quite some time after parking. Yesterday the fan was on a higher speed - and much louder. After about 15 minutes the fan returned to a "normal" speed and volume and continued to run for at least another 15 minutes. This morning I had trouble starting the car.
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Re: Problems starting and fan running most of the time

Postby Devilsstripe » Sat Nov 05, 2011 11:26 am

We have a similar problem....

Our beautiful Mini Countryman All 4 Cooper S started having problems this July when there was an issue over starting it. We took it into the dealer and they couldn't find the problem. Then on a long trip the car suddenly seriously overheated, we thought the car was on fire! Warning lights were flashing everywhere. The AA man was concerned that the computer was saying the engine was one temperature whereas his manual temperature check showed the vehicle to be considerably hotter. He couldn't fix it so we were AA relayed home from Lymington. The car went back to the garage where they diagnosed a faulty thermostat. The car was duly returned and within 10 miles of driving the warning lights came on again telling us that the car was overheating and that we must stop at once. There was a smell of burning and the fan was going wild. Back the car went to the dealer. The dealership found it difficult to diagnose the problem and Mini UK were consulted. In the end a new engine management system was put in and the car was returned to us checked and ready to go.

7 miles down the road the same thing happened again!

We returned the car to the Mini Dealership and made the Mini Brand Manager and Dealership Service clearly aware that we were furious. THey were to find the problem and not return the car to us until it had been solved and the car had been thoroughly road tested. Suffice to say they cannot find the problem.

It's my wife's car and she runs her business from it. It involves a lot of driving and we rely on the 4 wheel drive to keep us going throughout the year. You can imagine how her confidence in the car and Mini has taken a blow. Has anybody got any similar experience and how did Mini solve it?
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Re: Problems starting and fan running most of the time

Postby Devilsstripe » Sat Nov 05, 2011 3:22 pm

You won't believe this! But having just written the Post this morning my wife and i got into the Mini Countryman to go shopping and 2 miles down the road the engine management system displayed " Engine fault - full engine power no longer available.........go to your nearest garage!" I think the car must have known that I had written something about it and decided to rebel!

Anyway the car is now back in the garage and we have a rather sluggish Mini Countryman One courtesy car.

What next??????
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Re: Problems starting and fan running most of the time

Postby JPB » Wed Nov 23, 2011 10:23 am

I had this happen to me earlier this year. The fan was on constantly and warning lights told me it was running hot. Eventually the car shut down, wouldn't do over 40 (as I was on my way to the garage). They found it was a faulty thermostat, fixed it and all fine since. Next problem was it told me it was due for service at about 15000 miles - booked in and it was faulty brake sensor. Now fixed and OK. Now I have ABS warning lights flash on each time I join the same junction of the motorway. Booked in for service this weekend. Trouble with cars today is there are so many electronics, something is often likely to go wrong.
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Re: Problems starting and fan running most of the time

Postby johnny » Thu Feb 02, 2012 12:45 pm

hi ,trouble starting my wifes mini one countryman yesterday and later on in day fan came on after short journey to a hospital. when we came out of hospital few hours later car would not start.
rang mini emergency and they told me to press accelerator and clutch down together bingo it started, they said it had flooded but i dont know how. also when it did start it misfired for a few seconds,
same trouble this morning. the car is only 5 months old.
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Re: Problems starting and fan running most of the time

Postby norfolk dumpling » Thu Feb 09, 2012 3:09 pm

Our Countryman one has experienced the same problem this week and being a suspicious person the events which unfolded suggests to me dealerships - or ours at least are aware of this but not letting on!!

What happened:

Tuesday am wife thought car a little noisy but being in a rush didn't pay too much attention - car only bought a few weeks ago, has 2k on clock and didn't expect a BMW to go wrong so soon.

Tues pm car took 45 mins to get started and seemed a little noisy. When she reached home car fan continued for 15-20 mins . Very odd this given we are -2c at present.

Rang BMW d/ship wed am and no slots with courtesy car for over 2wks - not happy with this nor that they had no other suggestions until I got a little irritated with them. Got the offer of an hour to look at car a week later OR (and this seemed very odd at the time) ring Mini Emergency helpline. Have had several new cars and minor faults/warranty issues but never been directed to the 'recovery' agent.

Wed am starting took a few pushes of button to start car but when we got into town (7-8miles away) fan had obviously cut in again (still freezing here!). I went straight home and rang Mini Emergency helpline - Mondial as it turned out which was worrying having had problems with them as a new Landrover owner - and quite spookily an unmarked (aside from the words "CUSTOMER SERVICE") van turned up within 10 minutes, actually arriving before Modial had 'phoned me to tell me when assistance would arrive!! The mechanic did a couple of minutes of testing and then proceded to dismantle part of the cooling system. He seemed to know straight away what was wrong and over the next 2hrs replaced a fairly big and complicated section of the cooling system thus fixing the problem (fingers x'ed). Could be coincidence but as car was being fixed the main dealer rang to offer us a day (+ car) the following Wed.

Car now seems ok - time will tell - and for anyone reading this you might be interested to know we had fitted a new temperature housing plus clip and top up antifreeze.

Now what is happening here - is this a known recall matter which BMW are avoiding by managing in this manner? Recalls as we know with Toyota can damage a brand. Had the dealership responded positively to our initial enquiry we would not had found this forum and realised this was a known fault. I also sense from quizing the mechanic that we were was not the first he had dealt with recently and he was kitted out for such an eventuality.

Still love the car but the jury is out on the d/ship.
norfolk dumpling
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Re: Problems starting and fan running most of the time

Postby speeling » Fri Mar 02, 2012 3:55 pm

hello all - i am new to the forum but have been having the same problem you all describe
i have a 2011 with the same issue - this has been going on since Dec - i have been back to the dealership once a month for 4 months - they "fix" the issue but then i am right back

anyone ever get this fixed?
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Re: Problems starting and fan running most of the time

Postby midlc » Sun Mar 04, 2012 10:37 pm

Uh oh, here we go. After my wife's Toyota Sienna was totaled in an accident last October, we decided with 3 of the 6 kids in college now, we no longer need two minivans. So, we took delivery of our Mini Countryman in early January 2012. Fast-forward one month, and we are experiencing the same symptoms -- overheating warning indicators, fan running after the car is turned off, and extreme difficulty starting. I've never had a car towed after just about one month of ownership, but alas, the dealership says they've identified the problem and replace the thermostat, sensor, etc.

So today, the car won't start. It keeps turning over, but never catches or even remotely alters the turning-over like it's trying to catch. Oh, and one time, when my wife stuck her key in and was trying to start, the waring message came across that the engine was under too much load....

So, here we go.... not a happy camper... :-(
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Re: Problems starting and fan running most of the time

Postby bluebox » Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:16 pm

I've had the same problem.

I bought my All4 Countryman last Feb. after my old car (a 1988 Audi) finally died. It was chancy buying a car that had been available for so little time, but I've been mostly very happy.

However: after about a year and it a little trouble starting, and the check engine light went on and off, so I took it on to be serviced. They told me it was fine and sent me home. My fan had been running loud sometimes, but not all the time.

A couple of weeks later it wouldn't start at all - it would begin to turn over and then just die. Needless to say, that made me none too happy with my local service department. I had to have it towed in, and they have replaced the temperature sensor.

I hope this won't be a repeat problem, but the posts on this forum suggest otherwise. I'll be interested to hear what problems others are having and whether they can get them permanently fixed. Good luck everyone!
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